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Firm History

  • Income Opportunities Fund is a 2022 Lipper Award Winner

    Income Opportunities Fund is a 2022 Lipper Award Winner out of 116 funds for 3 years in the U.S. Mortgage Fund Category as of 12/31/2021

  • Easterly Snow Strategies Join Easterly Funds

    Easterly Snow Small Cap Value and Long/Short Opportunity Fund join the Easterly Funds family.

  • James Alpha Advisors Renames Firm as Easterly Funds

    James Alpha Advisors renames to Easterly Funds to align its identity with that of Easterly Asset Management.

  • James Alpha Trust

    The James Alpha Funds completed their reorganization into the newly formed James Alpha Funds Trust.

  • Strategic Partnership with Easterly Partners

    Entered into a strategic partnership with Easterly Partners. Easterly Partners acquired a minority equity interest in James Alpha Advisors, taking equity ownership and named Darrell Crate as CEO.

  • Income Opportunities Fund

    Partnered with Orange Investment Advisors, LLC, specialists in Structured Credit strategies managing hedge funds, large institutional separate accounts and mutual funds; including, from inception until through 2016 the Semper Capital MBS Total Return fund.

  • Firm Surpasses $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

    Since 2011 we have launched 12 offerings, providing a distinct and comprehensive lineup of alternative investment solutions for institutional and individual investors.

  • Managed Model Portfolios

    Launched our innovative suite of 24 Risk Managed Models. Our Total Model Solutions provide turnkey, highly diversified models that incorporate long only and liquid alternative strategies. Additionally, we offer Alternative Only Models in two versions: models that use only passive strategies, as well as, models that incorporate passive and active strategies.

  • Global Macro Fund

    Converted the fund from an actively managed real return strategy to part of the Dynamic Beta suite and replicating the HFRI Macro Index.

  • EHS Fund

    EHS Fund attempts to replicate the HFRI Equity Hedge Index.

  • Total Hedge Portfolio

    Launched Proprietary Dynamic Beta Suite consisting of 5 funds which attempts to replicate the HFRI Indices.

    Total Hedge Fund attempts to replicate the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index.

  • Launched Dynamic Beta Suite

    After successfully managing a separate account for several years we launched the Dynamic Beta suite of funds. We use our proprietary intellectual property to replicate the major non investable indexes representing the global hedge fund marketplace provided by Hedge Fund Research Inc.

  • Hedged Equity Fund

    Partnered with EAB Investment Group, LLC; which specializes in risk mitigation strategies for hedge funds, family offices, and large investment companies. Launched the Managed Risk Domestic Equity.

  • Multi Strategy Alternative Income Fund

    Launched Multi Strategy Alternative Income Fund.

  • Global Real Estate Fund

    Launched Global Real Estate Fund I shares, following acquisition of a super majority interest in Ascent Investment Advisors and becoming the Managing Partner of the firm. (James Alpha converted their interval fund to an open end structure as James Alpha Global Real Estate Investment fund on May 3, 2011.)

  • Global Macro Fund

    Launched Global Enhanced Real Return Fund
    Seeded Armored Wolf and entered the alternative mutual fund business. Armored Wolf is managed by John Brynjolfsson who previously worked as a Portfolio Manager at PIMCO and managed over $80 billion in assets.

  • James Alpha Management

    Launched single-family office serving as the financial manager for one high-net-worth individual - Denis Nayden. Mr. Nayden is the former CEO of GE Capital and former managing partner at Oak Hill Capital (an $18 billion private equity firm). James Alpha Advisors was launched on September 11, 2015 to be the advisor to the mutual funds.