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Income Focused

We are still riding the wave of the longest bull bond market in history which is nearing 40 years in duration. We also continue to see historically low interest rates. Neither condition can last forever. Given this, the traditional fixed-income structure of many client portfolios is likely to disappoint significantly when the environment changes. Our alternative income funds may provide a greater degree of portfolio diversification and additional sources of income than traditional fixed-income portfolios.

Global Real Estate Fund

A portfolio of publicly traded global REIT securities that typically overweights specialty REITs, and seeks to provide quarterly distributions.

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Opportunistically invests in structured credit securities with diversifying characteristics. Seeks to provide a similar level of income, monthly, as high-yield with substantially less volatility.

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Multi Strategy Alternative Income Fund

Specialty managers seek to provide broadly diversified portfolio optimized for reduced volatility and quarterly income primarily from non-traditional sources.

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Wealth Preservation

Our wealth preservation funds are designed to strengthen client portfolios by seeking to minimize the impact of market declines while still participating in the market upside. Lower volatility and steady returns may provide a more optimal result. We believe this allows clients to have a more confident experience to keep them invested during all market conditions.

Hedged Equity Fund

Strategy that seeks to systematically provide predictable downside volatility reduction of the S&P 500 while also reasonably participating in the market upside. Seeks to provide a level return stream that may help smooth the ride to position clients to remain invested when it matters most.

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Long/ Short Opportunity Fund

An all-capitalization, contrarian value, liquid alternatives fund that uses a variety of hedging strategies with the goal of lowering the overall volatility of the long equity positions its investment portfolio.



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Capital Growth

Capital growth is an approach that aims to increase the value of a portfolio over time. Equities are one of the most common investments used for capital growth and small cap value can offer investors higher capital growth opportunities over time.

Small Cap Value Fund

A strategy that seeks to provide exposure to the smaller capitalization segment of the value equity market. The fund employs contrarian approach and bottom-up investment process to select positions.

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Dynamic Beta

The 30 year performance of the HFRI Composite Index has long been the envy of the investment community. Who wouldn't like the same types of returns as the S&P 500 with half the volatility? The problem is, you can't invest directly in the HFRI Composite Index. Even tracking the strategies in the hedge fund universe, let alone replicating those strategies and making them available in liquid portfolios has proved daunting. Our Dynamic Beta funds attempt to provide a solution to the gap we saw in the space.

Total Hedge Portfolio

Proprietary systematic process seeks to closely track the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index - a global universe of more than 2,000 hedge funds. This broadly diversified “one-stop” index is comprised of the following sub-indexes : Equity Hedge; Event Driven; Macro and Relative Value. Strategy seeks to provide greater portfolio diversification and enhanced risk adjusted returns.

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EHS Fund

Fund seeks to closely track the HFRI Equity Hedge Index of more than 670 equity hedge funds. Strategy seeks to deliver a return stream that delivers equity directional returns with reduced downside volatility.

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Global Macro Fund

Strategy seeks to deliver a diversifying return stream by closely tracking strategies that opportunistically take long and short positions across asset classes including commodities, currencies, equities and fixed income. Global macro directional investing flexibility can provide return streams that “diverge” and diversify portfolios from strategies focused on value and price “convergence”.

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