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EHS Fund



  • $1.37 M

    Portfolio Assets 10-15-2021

  • $11.35 NAV 10-15-2021
  • 4.96%

    Gross Expenses1

  • 2.05%*

    Net Expenses1

  • 470258781


  • 8-18-2017

    Inception Date

*The Fund’s investment adviser has contractually agreed to reduce its fees and/or absorb expenses until at least March 19, 2023 for I Shares to ensure that net annual operating expenses will not exceed 1.48%, subject to possible recoupment from the Fund in future years.

Overall Morningstar rating as of June 30, 2021. Based on risk-adjusted returns. Category: Long-Short Equity out of 179 funds.3

$919.6 Billion Market Capitalization

That’s the market cap of the HFRI Equity Hedge Total Index, which represents 28% of the total hedge fund capital as of 9/30/19.

Attractive Category Returns

Long short equity strategy returns exceeded the S&P 500 from 2000-2018.
Long short equity strategy standard deviation of 10.3 vs. the S&P of 17.62

“Long only may succeed during one period but leave the investor longing for meaningful returns during another”

– Hancock Horizon Funds, 20182


  • Seeks attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns relative to traditional financial market indices.
  • Seeks to deliver the return streams of hedged equity funds that typically involve establishing both long and short positions in equity or equity-linked instruments.


  • Seeks to track the global universe of more than 620 equity hedge funds.
  • Invests in a variety of asset classes, such as equity market neutral, fundamental growth, fundamental value, quantitative directional strategies, short bias and sectors such as energy, materials, technology and healthcare.
  • Seeks to gain exposure to these asset classes primarily through exchange-traded products such as exchange-traded notes (“ETNs”), exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) and mutual funds, although the Portfolio may invest directly in currencies, equities and fixed income securities.
  • May also seek hedged equity strategies to manage risk by adopting “top-down” constraints on leverage, limits on net market exposure, net regional exposure and net sector exposure, position size limits, position stop-loss limits and parameters relating to the number of its positions.